Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Photo a Day

Argh...I remember this from last year...the december Photo a Day challenge..and I'm already 2 ,about to be 3, days behind... I have a picture from the 1st..just need to upload..but not since. It's month end so i've been in close land, not seeing the light of day..nor the lights of night to take a photo. Hopefully tomorrow I should be caught up..and can get back on this...I'd love to do a scrapbook page with all of these! Does it count if i take countless photos of my nephew & niece next weekend?

Here's my picture from Decmeber 1st - the Fiskateer Nor Cal Christmas Party. It was a blast!


Jan said...

We'll forgive you! Just jump in when you can!! : )

Rach said...

so nice to SEE you again! LOL You look very happy! Try to enjoy the holiday season.

Shell http://scrapgrlz.typepad.com said...

no it doesn't count if you take extra photos *LOL*

get snapping girl!

and what are the Fiskateers!??