Friday, December 21, 2007

Small World!

My boss took her direct reports to lunch yesterday. We went to Osha for some yummy Thai food..of course did I branch out? my normal Chicken Pad Se Yeew. Just love that dark soy sauce on those rice noodles! And while my not branching out keeps my world small..that is not the subject of my post. I sat next to, and got to know our Sales/Use Tax manager. He had mentioned on the walk over that he and his family just bought a fixer upper. While we were at lunch, I asked him where he he mentioned they just moved to Walnut Creek from San Ramon. No big deal..he then asks where I live..I told him Burlingame..he then says he grew up in San Bruno..two cities big deal. He then asks if I grew up in Burlingame..and I told him..yep..all my life. Next he asks..or's fuzzy at this point..did I go to Mercy..or that his sisters went to soon as he tells me his sisters went to Mercy..I shout out...Odessa Sebastian (his last name is case you didnt know). Odessa and I were in the same graduating class together (all 98 of us)...he's her brother. Can you believe that? I dont think I've seen Odessa but maybe once since we've graduated (I didnt attend either 10 or 20 year reunion)..and here I am working with her brother. He was going to go right back and email her..and she only lives in San Mateo (one city away)....small world. Hope I can catch up with her soon, as while we werent exactly close friends, I do remember her fondly, and would love to get re-acquainted!

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