Friday, November 05, 2010

super Blog Candy

Hmm..just entered a contest over at Cats Whiskers for some Fabulous Blog Candy, She has over 250,000 hits to her blog...some followers will come.

In the meantime, it's pretty flipping fabulous!! Just look at all the stuff!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Granddaddy (and grandma) of all garage sales

We're gearing up for the 2nd Garage sale at my grandparents this weekend. I hate garage sales (selling) with a passion, but as my grandparents are downsizing, they really need to clear out 36 years worth of accumulation (in this house..who knows what they may have brought with them..and they're married 69 years this year!). Not looking forward to an early dark Sunday morning...or the yawns of the afternoon..but as a friend mentioned..I love love love my grandparents and am happy to do this for them. Wish us luck..and well if you need any holiday decor (you name the holiday, they probably have the decor) email me..i might be able to cut ya a deal.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cute Giveaway

The folks over at Paper Variety have a cute giveaway as they get ready to announce their new Design Team. The giveaway is a cute paper pack from Echo how whimsical this paper is!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Neglected blog

My blog seems to be so neglected.

For those looking for crafty goodness, please head over to my crafty blog (, although i must admit other than a few new product announcments havent posted anything too crafty there either.

My laptop seems to be on the fritz..short in the hard drive..or some other nastiness. I can run google chrome in regular mode..or IE or MS Office in safe mode....but of course..nothing to do with pictures or sound etc.

I've decided to declare this "the Summer of Betsey" , do you remember "The Summer of George" from Seinfeld..George's didnt turn out that well...but i'm determined to have a fantastic one.

Started the summer off by visiting my sister and her family in St. was hot hot hot..and humid of course..which made it seem hotter, but luckily got to lounge by the pool most days..and had some fun outings to the Zoo, Grant's Farm and to see Beauty & the Beast at the Muny and took them both (4 and 2 1/2) to their first Movie, Toy Story 3.

Back home have been having a fabulous time with friends old and new..on the search for the Best Burger in on the Peninsula..Music in the Park, 4th of July weekend in Yosemite, movies, dates...lots of fun. Oddlyenough...that would be the best blog update as i regularly update Foursquare on outings with them.

My sister arrives tonight..I'm so excited to see the littles again..they're both at such fun ages..and love that i can bribe them for kisses by just letting them play a game on my iPod. Hoping to get to take them to Happy Hollow now that it has reopened..and they'll go off to Yosemite..and then we'll all go to Tahoe before they leave. I wish i could see Yosemite and camping through their eyes..but will have to try for another year. I cant wait to go to Tahoe with them..and hope we can have a quick trip to the Magic Carpet mini golf course...i think they'll find it hilarious.