Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So much to do.

I'm on vacation in two days. Off to my sisters for "The Nugget's" first birthday..and to rub 'the buddha'. The buddha being my sisters belly...yep..she's expecting again. Baby #2 will be just 18 months younger than Tripp...and the lastest bit of 'royalty' will be making his/her entrance in October. Of course Mimi & Pop (my parents) are beyong thrilled...they insisted on telling everyone in person.

I have a ton of work to do of course this week at work with changes to how we must book the LobsterFest..and packing etc. Throw in procrastinating on writing that tax check..and some insurance issues and you've got a Betsey waiting to snap. The sad thing is my taxes arent even done...and i've been seriously stressing about them since January 1st. I'm hoping to have Cherie do them..and just plan on filing an extension. I'm beyond what TurboTax can do for me and need a real professional to look things over....damn Non Qualified Stock Options!!

Ok..back to work.