Sunday, August 28, 2005

We had our annual family picnic today, in Boulder Creek at Aunt Pauline & Uncle Fred's house. Lots of catching up with family...tooo much eating, and fun. We of course had our annual family photo next to the pool, just as they did many years ago.
**originally posted 8/28/05 on Yahoo 360*

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Phew! Just got back from a whirlwind 'weekend' in Los Angeles. I went downwith Pierre, his company has him working out of the LA office two days every week for the next few weeks , so decided to go and just hang out.
Flew down Sunday morning, drove out to "Rialto" was hotter than... there, and then came back, tooled around Orange County, Laguna, Corona del mar, and then had dinner in Huntington Beach. Went to go check into the hotel which was by LAX, and then we were going to go up into LA for a bit, but after a quick shower, and VERY comfy beds, pillows etc (4 points Sheraton..definitely will stay there again), sleep prevailed as Pierre had an early work day yesterday. Got up yesterday, went for a walk/run, then back to the hotel to shower and drive Pierre up to Westwood.
Traffic was bad on 'the 405' so didnt get into Westwood until about 9, so grabbed a quick coffee and drove Pierre to the office. On Sunday night I had checked out some local scrapbook stores, and sent myself directions on my cell phone, so decided to drive to Torrance after dropping off Pierre to check them out. Got there just as the first (Scrampers)was opening..managed to spend just about $20..including some Mexico stuff for Taryn & Taylor's books, then to the next one (Strictly Scrapbooking). Still couldnt find the elusive waterpark inspired embellishments i was looking for, but did get some Tinkerbell paper and stickers (yep,Di those are for Jessica's book!) Drove around Torrance for a bit, they had a Panera Bread Company and was very tempted to stop in..and it was below a Burke Williams Spa no less, but kept going. I had the swimming pool on my mind.

**originally posted 8/23/05 on yahoo 360**