Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Listers Gotta List Challenge

So I've joined (re-joined) the planner nation.  since i've had a smart phone, ive soley used my phone and outlook calendar for all my appointments, and i still do (seriously love the travel time feature in my iPhone, especially for Notary appointments).
Back in the day i had two daytimers, my medium binder one for my desktop and my little notebook one that was in my was perfect for travelling at a moments notice, I had my passport and my needle detector card in the pocket, that if i had to visit a factory, i was ready.

Then came the smart phone...the medium planner got put in the closet, then a box when i moved, and unless i get lucky when purging my storage unit in my garage this weekend, donated a while back.  My pocket daytimer, locked in a filing cabinet with my passport, which probably sadly hasnt been used since.

And then the planner craze started....and it just appealed to every hoarding part of me, the stamps, the stickers, paper...the to do lists...i could go on and on. I debated the Erin Condren Life planner...debated and debated...and decided to jump in slowly with Lilly Pulitzer instead. I love my Lilly..i am a Lilly girl..but she doesnt really fulfill my planner needs...after 2015..the Lilly planner is dead to me (i think the Jumbo size , would probably better suit my purpose..but i need to be able to at least carry this in my purse, and that would be too large.

I did print out some planner pages, mostly for meeting details, and punch them with my zutter bind it all and put them in the week they occurred...i just did them on the black/white laser printer at work and decorated with washi, but I'd truly like a planner with regular note taking areas. I realize that it could get bulky, but with a binder system, i know i can take them out as well.

Sometimes I feel (like some of my foray's into direct sales), I dont have the super busy life for the planners of today, I don't have kids, I use it to note down meetings at work (sometimes), life appointments (most) and notary appointments (almost always..but again mainly using the iPhone for the travel time feature too). My menu planning consists of making freezer meals into one person lunch/dinner portions. I think maybe when my work load balances a bit, and i can get back to regular posting of crafty stuff, i would utilize a bit more for scheduling blog posts etc.

So, long story, long...why I am  taking this challenge..that whole work life balance thing, I havent been scrapping that much (for my regular customers, or more importantly myself). While there's not a lot of pictures per least this will give a snapshot of my life this month...and actually it's already destined to be a great one on a lot of fronts, so I'm super excited.  Keep checking back to see my daily prompts and posts!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

20 Ways to Use doTerra's Family Physician Kit

I joined dōTERRA in October 2014 after 6 months of using their introductory kit (lavender/peppermint/lemon)...and after seeing friends use essential oils in the winter of 2013 to ward off the horrible flu that was going around. To start I looked at the available kit options and decided the best and most cost effective for me immediately (especially heading into winter months) was the Family Physician Kit. The Family physician kit contains the following oils:

·         Breathe (a blend)
·         Deep Blue (blend)
·         DigestZen (blend)
·         Frankincense
·         Lavender
·         Lemon
·         Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree oil)
·         On Guard (blend)
·         Oregano
·         Peppermint

1.    Use Lavender EO to help your family sleep. Place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub it between your hands, and then rub your hands on your loved ones’ pillows before bed. It will not only help them go to sleep, but also stay asleep. I also rub this on the back of my neck. 
2.    Lavender and Melaleuca EOs can be used to help treat Pink Eye. 
3.    Peppermint and Lavender can be used together to help relieve tension headaches (I use this combo a lot. and if i walk out the door forgetting to do this, the day seems off kilter (i now keep a bottle of these in my office))
4.    Peppermint and Lavender can also be used to open your sinuses in the morning. 
5.    Create fun, simple, cheap room sprays with variations of these EOs! I love to use Lemongrass (not included in the kit), i replaced one my sister had given me from a good Home store. 
6.    Lavender can be used to calm itching from bug bites, or to treat sunburn. 
7.    I use a mixture of 10 drops of Deep Blue (and fill a glass roller bottle up the remaining way with Fractionated Coconut Oil) to help with the Arthritis in my knee. 
8.    Oregano can be rubbed on the bottoms of feet (use a carrier oil with children – it’s a hotter oil) to help colds. 
9.    DigestZen can be used to help digestive function. I personally use it in place of my acid reflux prescription (Rx Tagamet) (3 drops in a veggie cap, once a day for me) 
10. Use them to create simple, but very effective household cleaners. 
11. On Guard Essential Oil blend has been found to kill strains of MRSA and H1N1*, and it’s perfectly suited to help fight off colds, or even just prevent them from coming at all. It can be taken orally (I use either a veggie cap or dōTERRA is now offering them in small beadlets that can be swallowed). You can also use On Guard in household cleaners, additionally it can be bought from dōTERRA in a foaming hand wash. 
12. Melaleuca is very effective to treat an occasional pimple. Just place one drop in your hand and dab it on the infected area. I also have psoriasis, mostly on my scalp, but more frequently in the tops of my ears and behind my ears. Less frequently on other parts of my body. When i would use the Rx cream, i had to get it on my body patches the minute i felt them form otherwise, they break out into a full scale (pun intended) patch. Melaleuca, cuts down on scaling immediately and the patch disappears within 1-2 days. 
13. Breathe has been known to help clear the sinuses, stop snoring, and clear congestion. I was a little skeptical of this at first because i tend to have adverse reactions to eucalyptus, but i sleep so much better at night when diffusing this. 
14. Oregano and Lemon can be used in your cooking. Great for winter months. 
15.   Frankincense can be used in a Neti Pot (i use the bottle) to help clear sinuses . Just used one drop  along with sea salt).
16. Peppermint is a great breath freshener and a natural stimulant.  dōTERRA also sells these in beadlet form. They're great to pop in your mouth before going into a meeting, and don't go stale like the mints in tins. 
17. Lavender is great for treating cuts and bruises 
18. A few drops of Lemon EO on the nose can aid in opening sinuses. 
19. Taking two drops each of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in a veggie cap each day can help with seasonal allergies, i tend to actually mix these with a shot glass of warm water, as I'm usually in a rush in the morning to get out the door by 6:30 and rushing to get oils in a veggie cap is a recipe for disaster with me.
20. Next time you have congestion, take a shower or bath and add 1-2 drops of Peppermint EO to the water/on the bottom of the shower floor. The aroma really helps! Add some Lavender EO to your Peppermint bath water for a refreshing sunburn relief bath. 

. Have you used the essential oils from the Family Physician kit? or any of the dōTERRA oils included?  I would LOVE to hear about them! Leave your tips in the comments! 
And if you’re interested in learning more about how Essential Oils can benefit your family, Please let me know, I will soon be creating a page just for my oil journey. In the meantime, please feel free to look at my dōTERRA  page

*Note: I’m not a Physician and none of these uses have been verified by the FDA, i am simply sharing what has worked for me in my household.  Please check with your Physician before deciding to go off of any medications you might be on. I have worked closely with both my doctor and my acupuncturist to figure out what works best for me. Also, not all Essential Oils are created equal. You should NEVER ingest any oils that are not pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Jet competes with

There is a new website coming up that is going to compete with Amazon. Right now Amazon charges $99 a year to be a Prime member. Jet is going to charge half that… so it’s going to be a popular site. Right now you can score 6-months free PLUS other awesome rewards.
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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Missing Person -please share with your networks

Update November 9th - Pat has been found and is getting medical treatment.
My cousin Patrick (Pat) has been missing for over a week. Our family and friends are worried sick! He was last heard from on Tuesday, October 28th. A missing persons report was filed with the South San Francisco, CA Police Department

His truck, a 2011 Silver Dodge Dakota (California Plate #60327A1) was last spotted in San Leandro.

His cell phone has been off since last Tuesday and is untraceable.

He is a diabetic, without meds and AT RISK!

If you have any information please contact his brother, Guy at 415.860.8603 or the SSF PD at 650.877.8900

Friday, October 31, 2014

Chocolate Frogs

In my Halloween Post, I mentioned the Chocolate Frogs. Let me tell you, confectioner, I am not! You would think..Wilton Candy Melts, Mold..easy Peasy..not so much.

First I tried melting them in a ziplock baggy..i thought melt..snip off the end...squeeze into the mold..done..bang! Not so much..they melted ok for the most part..but they didnt really squeeze out well through the baggy..and the baggy and chocolate was hot! If i have finger/hand prints left after that experience, it's  Hogwarts Miracle!

Then I just tried melting in a bowl..and thought i'd scoop it in..I tried melting in the a makeshift double boiler...these melts have a fine line between melted and separated and ash...i had a hard time finding it...but I found all those other statuses..easily!!

So much work..and in my trial run the best i got was 7 candy frogs, two bags of wasted chocolate melts, and a Pyrex bowl that just wasn't salvageable with the hardened chocolate ash.

On my next trip to Michaels to get more Candy Melts, i found this great Melt & Decorate Bottle...I needed a thicker pour so just took the top off..but finally found a rhythm where i could melt, mold 4 frogs, melt , mold the other four..put the frogs in the refrigerator and the bottle in the freezer, wait 20 minutes and repeat. I would have to use a spatula to get any melted chocolate out good..but worked!

Candy Melts - i suggest using light cocoa only..even if you're a dark choclate fan

Frog Mold

Melt & Decorate Bottle

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hogwarts at Gymboree

"That's so clever, Oh My God look at that!" Yay! People are back on our floor in total awe!! If you're not familiar, Gymboree Corporate in full celebration of childhood, goes all out for Halloween. Competition all out! For many years..those stuffy accountants on the 5th floor (or the 770 building) won the competition..i mean we're could we possibly pull that off..and then production pulled out the stop using their creative forces to start planning and creating, in December the year prior! We still pulled off an amazing skit or dance...but lost the coveted trophy..the bragging rights.
this year we decided to pull out the stops and create a Wonderful world of Wizardry with Harry Potter.

Platform 9 3/4

Hogwart's Express


The Sorting Hat

The magical winged keys (thanks to my fabulous Silhouette!)

The Great Hall

Advanced Potions Class


The Wampum Tree

Bertie Bott's Sweet Shops

The Chocolate Frogs

The Dementors ( I copied Ashley Phipps/Simply Designing PB Hanging Ghosts Knock Off knock off...took it a step further, painted the balls black and used Rit Dye to dye the cheesecloth.*

The Quiddich Stadium

If you're checking this before the evening of the 30th..check back to see video of our amazing post Harry/Draco duel celebration!
Do we win? That remains to be seen and will be discussed at a a future Town Hall..check back to find out!

*I live in an apartment, so needed to do the Sink Method for dying..I used a bucket. Rit Dye Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye, 8-Ounce, Black notes on the bottle you should wear gloves...that's not a suggestion, unless you like dyed hangs..alhtough the black dye came off with a bit of Comet Comet Powder Cleanser with Bleach, 25 Oz and a Ranger Craft Scrubbie
. Rit Dye Color RemoverRit Dye Powdered Fabric Dye, Color Remover, 2-Ounce would probably also work.
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Girls Eyes Only...a Playtex Review

Hey boys..did you see the may want to take a break from posts today. Still here? I warned you..but maybe you're the guy who does the shopping..and want to know the opinion in case you forget your gals brand.

I received these  Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™ Tampons as part of the Influenster #SpringFlingVoxBox program, to give my opinion.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect, they came just as i was leaving on a trip, i put the sample size box in my suitcase and was on my way...mistake #1.

These bad boys are scented..obnoxiously so...and so was everything in the vicinity in my suitcase. And know what happens when cover up bad odor with perfume, dont you? You dont? Geesh..well just get in a cab on a warm summer day...that cab driver will educate you on that fact right away.

But I digress...Mistake #2...not noticing that these are regular first couple of days i need super...maybe even ultra super..thankful i also brought along some feminine napkins after noticing the issue, otherwise it could have been disastrous with my summer clothes and sitting in meetings all day.

For'd think regular would be just a little more than regular, they're not..i wouldnt even use these when swimming in the bay combined with cold water, for fear of attracting Jaws.

So bottom line...if you're fine with the 'sweet' scent..and dont mind regular or lighter and are active you might want to give these a try...if not..stick with your regular brand.

Amazon link above is an affiliate link..if you care to check these out yourself, or other reviews on amazon and make a purchase i may receive small affiliate compensation, to help fund this blog and/or my bad beauty habit.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Influenster Spring Flig Vox Box

Woot!! I finally got another Vox Box from's been at least a year (see previous blog post). I kept going in and writing reviews answering survey..and nothing..nada..zilch..until now.  Check out my video below as i reveal all that's inside.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Do you PodCast?

Podcasts..they're new to me..i know there not favorite morning group (Sarah & Vinnie) have had their secret show podcast for years..and I've always meant to listen..but i didn't get how to get them..not sure if my original iPod touch had the ability..myriad of reasons why i didn't listen..but wow..I'm addicted. It's what i listen to for a good 4 hours of the day at work.  I've laughed with Alec Baldwin, salivated with Tyler Florence..laughed and cried with Pat Monahan.

The thing i like the most...every one I've listened to, I've learned something new..whether it's as a new fan of a guest, a new restaurant or way of cooking, or a new appreciation for a band or athlete that I was already a fan of.

If you haven't listened to one..check it out...find someone you might want to listen to...and just check them out!

Monday, May 26, 2014


I've set myself up on Bloglovin' hope you'll follow through there

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

Through my friends over at smiley360..i was recently sent a few items to try out. These items were from Arm & Hammer's Truly Radiant line. Both the Truly Radiant Tooth Paste and the Truly Radiant (tm) Battery Powered Tooth Brush.

I've used the toothpaste since being sent the sample along with the tooth brush. Regarding the toothpaste, I have to say i was mildly surprised. I've tried other baking soda tooth pastes from Arm & Hammer previously and was not a fan, I could never get over the baking soda flavor. In this particular toothpaste.  I have not really noticed a different in whitening yet (however i didn't at all in trying a different brand previously), but will continue to use the entire tube to notice the results (and will post a before or after picture when I'm done) Want to try it yourself? I've included a link below where you can try it on Amazon.

The toothbrush however..i was not a fan of. I've been using a sonic toothbrush for over 13 years, it's very gentle, quiet and has the great prompts of when to change quadrants etc...I found the Truly Radiant Toothbrush to be very loud...and very jarring.  Perhaps i'm more sensitive because I've been grinding/clenching my jaw lately..but it even hurt while using it. After a week..i had to go right back to my sonicare and get things going again.

The amazon links included in this post are affiliate links, I receive a very small commission and they help fund this page, as well as my wonderful crafting habit.. Please see my complete disclosure page about my relationships with Amazon as well as smiley360.