Thursday, November 29, 2007

And so it begins...

The holiday food season that is. I guess it officially began on Thanksgiving..but today I felt it in full force. My controller took my boss and I out to lunch for our birthday (we have the same one). Our department rather than have cakes, has your boss take you out for your birthday, since my boss and I share the same birthday, the controller takes us both out at the same time. We went to the Salt House. I've been dying to go there when we've had vendor lunches but it's pretty hard to get in on the same week, unless you go super late. Our asst. controller had raved about having fries and gravy there... never did i realize she meant it was an actual menu item. They call it was fries, a cheese sauce and short rib gravy...can i say YUM!!! but too rich for my pour tummy. Then...tonight I had my introductory session at Dream Dinners. I go to Super Suppers all the time and buy from their grab n go freezer..but I actually made my dinners tonight, it was so quick and easy..and the dinners I selected look super yummy. Karen one of the owners, was great. I will definitely be back, I already have some items scoped out on the January menu.

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