Sunday, August 20, 2006

Going going going

Another few days of going, going, going.Helped Di the last few days with the kids. Wednesday I met up with them after running my errands in the morning and took them to the new play structure at Coyote Point. The all loved running up the castle and going down the big slide…and we loved that it wore them out.  Thursday morning I was off to the scrapbook expo to take two classes, one just about using Deluxe Designs Pages by Design ideas to create other items besides scrapbook pages. We made a comp book. I think I’m going to re-work it and give it to Taylor for homework.(I cant believe ‘my baby’ started high school last week..but that’s another blog and another day!). I had about 30 minutes to peruse the shopping area, which was more than enough because I did enough damage in that time. Then we took the kids to the Fair, it was free before 3 so that was great, still cost over $100 by the time food and rides etc, but they had fun and again were tired. We brought the kids back to Deb & Gary’s and Gary brought home Village Host so we ended the day on a yummy note. Friday, Jessica had her swimming lesson, then we piled in the car while the kids ate their lunch, and we went to IKEA, so Di could look at bedding for the girls rooms as well as some toy storage ideas. I of course managed to spend money too…gotta love the scrumptious meatballs!

Di dropped me off, and I madly got some cards out for a card swap (sorry to wait until the last minute Jamie, I was having printer issues), and then went to Blue Chalk for dinner…can I just say THE WORST DINNER/DRINKS EVER? We had gone there about a month and a half ago during one of the heat waves, it wasn’t that hot, but just a nice warm night, there was a band playing, we had some great cocktails and played pool. The pool tables are upstairs with French door windows that open up and have a potted plant balcony over the street. Really it couldn’t have been a better night. So thought we’d go back for dinner, it’s a left at Albuquerque menu so it couldn’t be that bad, right? WRONG! I should have just gone with my favorite gaucho burrito..but not thought I’d be somewhat ‘healthy’ and get the tequila grilled chicken. Can I just say blech. But first it was topped off by them no longer carrying Absolut Peach..I wanted a Cosmo made with Absolut Peach. Then I tried to order a couple of other drinks off their regular menu..sorry no longer have those changing the bar around. So I ordered a drink off their new ‘special bar menu’. Disgusting! My glass of wine to follow was only marginally better! We were going to play pool but I was not liking the band, no music (no one in the restaurant except us and a large party in the back..(should have been the first CLUE)..there were a ton of people in the bar though.), bad cocktails. So just came home and watched last Monday’s finale of Hells Kitchen…or tried to I fell asleep in the middle (thank you alcohol).

Yesterday was prtty much just running errands for the morning and early afternoon, finally got my new computer put together, although stillhaving issues connecting to the internet via the router (project when I’m done blogging), and then went to the game with Di and the girls last night. Gary was there with the boys, too, but they were in their seats. Rob brought us down to the clubhouse so we could see Steve and wish him a good game. Unfortunately the Giants lost..they had a MISERABLE second inning..and only started really playing the game in the fourth. Steve had a good game though, and hopefully they’ll win today, so at least they can ‘win’ the series!! I somehow lost my camera bag in the process. Luckily my camera as on me..or in my purse, but I think someone stole it from Sam’s seat, thinking it was in there. So I lost the bag, the cord and the adapter ring. Of course they don’t list my camera anymore to replace not sure what I’m going to do.

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