Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Side Hurts...still...three days later. I thought it was laughing so hard on Friday night. Went into the city to see Pablo Francisco (headliner...funny) and Jeffrey Keith (featured comic...super funny..the highlight of the night). Was sitting at the table literally crying from laughing so much.

but today it still hurts..actually it's my whole stomach..I think i have a stomach bug. Yesterday, it was bothering me all day, couldnt eat anything, had that watery mouth just waiting..afraid to eat anything feeling all day. Got the chills about 3..and it lasted all afternoon. Luckily could go home, and lie on the couch in my jammies, blanket on...was force fed some broth about 8..ate it, and went back to sleep. Woke up this morning, the initial waves of nausea gone, watery mouth gone...then two hours later..the cramping is back...luckily my doctor is in my chiropractors office and I have an appt this afternoon, I might just see if she can see me.

Laying on the couch last night, with the TV full of 9/11 images and reflection..couldnt really think of much else. Thought really that's why my stomach was yucky yesterday. I can remember the day vividly, the phone call from Pierre early in the morning, running to the TV. Telling my dad a plane hit one of the towers and him thinking (as most of the country did), it was a freaky accident...then the 2nd plane hitting and all the subsequent events. Coming into work numb, I remember Lynda vividly that day..that and Lisa Harpers message telling us to go home..weird weird day. Personally I didnt lose anyone in the events, one of my friends did though and we all rallied at work though to have fundraisers for the widows...the widows of the Bravest. And now come to find out Donna had a cousin that was one of the bravest. Too scary! I'm glad my dad is retired, but think of people like John Sorensen doing search and rescue and worry worry worry.

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