Monday, August 07, 2006

What am I paying rent for?

I feel like I havent been home in weeks..I've spent the night there..but rarely have I walked in the door before 11...and usually later..and I just literally crawl into bed. Last night I think I spent one night home..maybe two..I can't remember, the whole week is a blur. I know thankfully I got laundry done one of those nights, good thing since I was gone all weekend...again. Fun stuff though all of it, so really there's nothing to complain about. I had my first facial in what's been two years. Saw a gal named Tracy at Rejouvenance. My face feels so soft...which is great since Iwas feeling like I had a sandpaper chin. Then went to a lovely baby shower for my co-worker friend Rhonda. Got to see some old production friends, and hang out with some other co-workers I wouldnt normally hang out with in a social setting.. all fun.

Yesterday I was out again bright and early (and i think the screamer was away I could have slept in, in peace) wrestled with Tripp's car seat base, and went to Mass and breakfast. Afterwards we dropped off dinner at Deb & Gary's and she was able to see Tripp for the first time. Dominic was entirely too cute..loving to see trip, peering into the carseat, talking to him, asking him what his favorite Trains were. I think he's finally adapted to the fact, he's going to be a big brother. He keeps saying he's going to have a baby sister, and Deb definitely just has a little bowling maybe there's hope..although I think Dominic would be happy to share his trains by the time the baby could play with them.

Alright..I think I better get some work done...just didn't want Shell to come after me really and not post to my blog!

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