Monday, September 25, 2006

That's what weekends are for!

Time spent with friends! Especially friends you havent seen in ages. A truly grand weekend! The Norton's had a BBQ on Saturday...for just over a hundred of their closest friends! If it wasnt great to walk in and see Jen's art, then to walk out onto the back deck and see poster boards of all the pictures Gary took at events over the years..was truly... astounding. The people, the events (Happy Day OLA)..the!! Tish and I have been friends for 20 years now, and I love that family as if it was my own, it was so great to just sit on the deck and chat and catch up with people as they came and went. Although it was an exhausting day..between sitting in the sun, and doing my part to drink the Heineken from the Keg..i was asleep in bed by 10:00.

Yesterday, was our standard church/breakfast deal. Ashleigh was my best friend for the day. She loved my Maddy Moo purse! I'm thinking i'm going to have to get her the Madalyn bagfor her birthday. Complete with Monogram! Then yesterday afternoon my parents neighbor across the street had a party for her husband combination 75th Birthday/Retirement Party. This is his 3rd career retirement, he's been a policeman, fireman and latest job, worked for CalTrans. Funny thing is CalTrans gave him a retirement party and at it, requested he consult 3 days a he's not really retiring. Still it was a nice get to gether and nice to visit with all of the neighbors on mom's street.

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