Wednesday, January 25, 2006

RSVP, is it so hard?

What is it about those four little letters that just gets people in such a flakey way? I mean I know the whole concept of the idea is an acronym in French, but really people, it’s been around as a concept for over 100 years!! I’m having a tea for my sister this Saturday, she’s having a baby in April, and so we’re having a Tea Baby Shower. My best girlfriends (aka my ‘sisters’) and I are throwing the shower, and we’re making all the ‘fixins’ ourselves, so it’s not like it’s catered, but really we still need to figure out how much stuff to make, plus there’s the whole notion of the favors (and they’re specialized and hard to find).At this point it could be 24 people or it could be 32..and yes..I could have gotten/made favors for all 32..but the invite list was over 40..and these favors are special..and it’s January and sales tax and income tax time…not the time for throwing out money for favors for people that might or might not come to the shower. So why, oh why..don’t people RSVP?

On a fun note, tickets go on sale tomorrow for the St. Helena Fire Department Lobster feed, and they sell out in minutes, you have to practically camp out in front of the fire house to get a lotto number to try and buy a ticket..but my special source *cough*asst.firechief*cough* is going to help me out, and all this while packing for leaving bright and early for Nicaragua, geez a girl can feel so special. I’m so excited to go and see how it’s ‘really’ done, ours is fun and good..but this is ‘the big show’..the king one could say  of all lobsterfeeds. So we shall see…

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Cami said... you think these others up to 42, will actually show up??? since they havn't called at all???
Here's my whole drama on the "RsVP" thing. I rarely attend stuff where I have to RSVP. It's not that I don't want to go but usually I find that once I make the committment to go, something inevitably always comes up. Then I feel bad that I have to cancel when the special arrangements have been made for me to be there. So, I just don't go or make plans to go at all. But I would never just show up somewhere where I hadn't RSVp'd as required :)