Wednesday, January 18, 2006

could i have BLOGGED anymore today?

This is a total blog XP..but hey…if you’ve got more than one you’ve got to fill them up.
I keep hearing that old childish joke in my head today…does your face hurt? Well it’s killing me. My face hurts…not my whole face just the top left quadrant…not sure if it’s a sinus thing or what…it just hurts. And while I’m on the subject of ailments (man I sound like those Christmas letters of my parents friends that I hate..but this will turn good I promise) calves are sooo tight today, almost borderline cramping..and I couldn’t figure out why, with the rain I haven’t been running and most definitely not on pavement..i couldn’t figure out why, then my coworker said well you’re shoes are pretty flat, but look like they have good support…ahhh FLAT..that’s it! I bought these AWESOME shoes on and I’ve been wearing them nonstop, they have a little kitten heel and are trendy and an amazing sole, I don’t even notice I have a heel on..except today and yesterday..when I haven’t been wearing heels. I love these shoes so much…I bought a second pair…same color! I was afraid I was going to wear these out from wearing them so much. Anything to justify buying a second pair. my whole thing with the blog is that everyone looks at Cathy Z, Ali, Donna, Margies etc…and if they can keep a blog with their so very busy schedules I should too…but hey everyone wants to know what they’re doing…do you really care? Well I’m posting anyway…I’ll think of it as a word scrapbook my kids can look on in 80 years, if they can still view and if I ever have kids <ha ha>.
Well on one of my scrapbooking groups today they had this neat 4 question thing, and since I absolutely those ‘getting to know you things’ I filled it out..well turns out it’s been going around ‘the blogs’ for a bit now with the ‘famous’ ladies tagging each other. So here is mine..and I’ll get into the tagging spirit too…I tag Kei, Sonja, Debbie, Di, Donna and Barb M!

4 Jobs you’ve had (ok…I’ve had more than 4…but these are highlights I think)
Production Manager (kids apparel
Scrapbook Teacher
Hello Kitty (I worked at Sunshine Station (sold primarily Sanrio products) and got to (read HAD to) more than I care to remember.

4 movies you’d watch over and over
Any of the Harry Potter Films
When Harry Met Sally
Independence Day
Sweet Home Alabama

4 places you’ve lived (so boring here)
Burlingame, California
…ok but if I count loooong term housesitting I can add San Francisco, Pacifica, Hillsborough and San Mateo

4 TV shows you love to watch (do I have to pick 4?)
Las Vegas
Desperate Housewives
But really I watch FAR too much TV and have many other faves that get tivo’d each week

4 places you’ve been on vacation
Waikiki, Hawaii
Las Vegas
St. Louis, MO

4 websites I visit daily – I can only pick two I visit regularly on a daily basis (pick up my mail from the web at work…and as J says the new Momentis) (pick up gmail and search  - as J says the new RMS)

but I will randomly check out someone’s blog  or whatever too.

4 of my favorite Foods
My Grandmother’s or Dianes sugo
My Mom’s Macaroni Salad
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Marsala…ok earlier I said a steak..but really chicken marsala is pretty tops.

4 places I would rather be right NOW
home in bed, it’s cold and yucky and rainy outside
on a nice warm beach
sipping wine at a café in Italy
at the studio working on scrapbook projects.

That’s MORE than enough for today!


Cami said...

Hey Betsey, just checkin out your blog so thought I'ld say hi :)
Elusive waterpark stickers??? sounds like a fun story :D
Hope you are having a great day!
Cami from SBS

Jan said...

OH I LOVE Alias and Desperate Housewives! I've got my calendar marked for Alias to start back next week!!! I'll be so sad to see it end.