Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy iced Tea Day!

My google home page, has a module called 'reasons to drink' (not that I'm looking for one..but they're funny). Today it notes that it's National Iced Tea day..and suggests Long island (i think I've had a couple in my life..but not something I'd order just because anytime soon)..instead I opted for some Sweet Tea.

Mind you..i didnt get the Sweet Tea because of National Iced Tea day..but because I was able to escape and drive myself to the ortho and grocery store, and decided to reward myself with one of these...actually I got two!

I actually prefer with splenda..but for the price, who can pass up. I wish we had it in the gallon jugs at the grocery store like they do at my sisters!!!
On a side note left leggged driving is pretty unnerving! I need to let my carpool buddies know i'm not going to be able to drive on the freeway!!

1 comment:

Jan said...

YUMM!!!! This southern gal LOVES sweet tea!!! : )