Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Riddance!! The hill billies are moving!!!

My landlord gave me the good news that my neighbors upstairs will be moving in a month or two. Of course he told me this about 4 months ago...that they'd be timeframe. But i guess they bought a house and will finally be moving.

Of course he didnt tell me this until after I had, had a sleepless night. The Jacka** hillbilly had come down Tuesday night to tell me that my tv or radio had been on 'rather late' the night before and had woken poor david up. Ha! BS...he heard the tv 'louder than normal' on Tuesday because we were watching a movie..however i turned it down as soon as the movie was over.

Of course when I mentioned to him..all the nights I had been woken up by 'poor david' or woken up in the morning with David's fist pounding, foot kicking, wake up the dead Tantrums, the JA just brushed it off with...we'll be out of your hair because 'we're looking to move this summer'. I was soooo mad. It took me 24 hours to realize why he chose the time he did to come down..mainly because he doesnt have the cajones to confront me when Pierre is there. With good reason too. The JA is just lucky he caught me off guard because if I had been fired up like I was previous nights i HAD to turn up my TV (due to poor David screaming his lungs out for HOURS on i couldnt even hear my tv at a normal level), he would have gotten more than the tidbit I shared with him...and let me tell you i'm still fired up...they seriously need to watch it if they want to live in peace until they move! I'm liable to just leave the TV on...hmmm...maybe i'll forget to turn off the clock radio while I'm gone this weekend....

Mind you these people are EDUCATED...but complete hillbillies!!

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Rach said...

Ahh...I remember those days. Don't miss them one bit. Sorry you have to endure this. Will I be seeing you in July??