Monday, July 03, 2006

Scrap Tagged

  • What albums do you prefer? I’m a top loading gal for sure. For my own I put them in a binder until I can move them to a post bound. I love the All My Memories albums!

  • Most favorite embelishment? Brads, blossoms, ribbon, tags & some stickers

  • If you had to choose prints or solids which would it be? Solids

  • Do you get SB mag subscriptions? 4of them

  • If so which ones? Scrapbook answers, Paper Crafts, Simple Scrapbooks & Creating Keepsakes

  • What is the average time you spend scrapping per week? probably less than 1

  • Do you prefer Micheals or Joanns? Neither really..neither around here have very much, and I’m all about supporting the independent

  • Do you consider yourself a scrap-a-hollic? A think & shop about scrap-a-holic

  • Do you contemplate over paying a bill or buying scrapbook supplies? nope...bills come first

  • Do you contain yourself in a scrabook store or are you out of hand? I keep myself out of a scrapbook I don’t get out of hand.

  • Do you get more pages completed solo or with friends? with friends I’m easily distracted by myself, unless I’m working in the studio..and then I’m a scrapping fiend

  • Best snack while scrapping? Diet coke and chex mix and/or maybe m&m's

  • Do you like to listen to music while scrapping? Absolutely

  • Do you have total losers outside of your immediate family who don't know what a "scrap" or "crop" is? Yep...but they think I am the loser!

  • Are your family members aware of your addiction? Yes

  • Do you shop more than you crop? Yes. Definitely!!!!

  • Eyelets or brads? like brads better but I use both

  • Which eyelet maker do you enjoy? MM

  • Quickcuts or Sizzix? QK dies in my Sizzix Side Kick

  • Have you considered buying a cricut? Nope

  • What type of adhesive do you use? 3L adhesive Runner, Hermie Dots, Trio, Glue Dots

  • Have you ever hosted a crop? Yes

  • What is the benefit of scrapbooking? Great Therapy & preserving memories for future generations

  • Do you find yourself doing more projects for yourself or other people? projects: for other people

  • Do you find yourself grabbing your camera before you grab your car keys? No..and I’ve been REALLY bad about forgetting my camera lately.

  • What was your addiction before scrapping? sittin on my but at the computer! ...wait...that's still my addiction!!! ROFL!!!!

  • How long have you been scrapping? The ‘safe’ way over 6 years..but at least 20 years.

  • WHat is your favorite technique? Inking..but really want to sew on my pages.

  • What size albums do you find yourself doing more? 12x12

  • What is your most rewarding experience from scrapbooking? Seeing that finished LO and LIKEING It.....Haveing some one else like it....and probably the best is the memories from the photos

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Cami said...

Great to read more about you Betsey. I don't know why I'm so addicted to these silly quizzes but theya re fun! glad I could tag ya!
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend :)