Sunday, June 11, 2006

Spent Saturday at the Ballpark for Samantha's first All Star Tournanment. The team did very well 'winning' 3 out of their 4 games. This is the first time they really had the opportunity to hit off a non-coach pitcher. Di gave Sam a pep talk on the way down to the field (the tourney was in So. San Jose) telling her that this was 'for real' and they were actually playing competitively now as opposed to just playing as they did during the regular season. Sam seemed a little overwhelmed the first two games, by the 3rd though she was in her element and hit a nice double..with a line drive straight out to the grass. She even started to warm up to pitch, but the game ended before she had a chance to go out for the next inning. The 'babies' had a fun day at the park too, watching Sissy, playing on the jungle gyms, and playing "Can't Catch Me" with Megan F. Posted by Picasa


Jan said...

I love the way you made those look like polaroids! How did you do that? : )

Cami said...

yeah I love em' did you do that?!?!?!
great to see you bloggin again :)

madonna said...

Someone mentioned Gretchen at work.....the only Gretch I ever knew was from grammar school. She was in my class for a short while. Never knew what happended to her. Decided to google her and up comes Betsey Terrys blog -friend of my little bro jason. Small world. Nice to read about the Noron's party. hate to say I;ve known then probably 30 years - Yikes. Miss them all. Madonna