Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Organization

So this weekend was pretty good organization wise…pretty good in a ‘start’ kind of way. The closet…is in half way there shape…Boxey, McBox horder no more. All the excess boxes gone, tubs and one box full of premade craft items now sit on the shelf , the ribbon boxes, and inventory crate at the ready, just now need to organize the other half of the floor and I’m good to go.

The kitchen, I found my kitchen table, yep it was there, could probably even sit at it and eat dinner, with the exception of the beer/soda store underneath…we shall not run out of diet Coke. Besides..there’s no TV in there, we might actually have to sit at the table and have a conversation..what a concept.  It will however make the morning grab and go a lot easier! Now the rest of the kitchen…I have a master plan..I want one more IKEA wardrobe…now to just convince P. If I remove the pantry items out of the other and into the new, and fill the remaing shelves with the items on the ‘rack’, not only will I get more depth it will be behind closed doors, and no one will see and everything will be neat and tidy. This will also leave open space on two shelves in the other, for all my kits* waiting to be scrapped, and the idea books, thus leaving the top of my buffet, for what it’s for…a buffet..all decorative and cute..and perfect for home entertaining…a concept we decided we must get back into for none was done in 2005…the convincing will be the hard part, maybe Le Déplacer will help me convince P!

Saying lots of prayers for the Norton’s today, Gary is on the decline again, and starting to suffer greatly! Hope that he finds what he needs to know that his family is loved, and loves him, so he can be happy and well again! Flav should be home today, so he will be of great comfort to them all.

** kits, before you think I’ve been buying kits en masse, and why am I doing so without using the ones I have..are but kits I’ve put together with photos, paper embellishments etc, ready to scrap at the ready…makes for such productive scrapping (9 pages just last week in a 5 hour sitting!! WITH journaling, I might add.)

Ok..back to work…3 ½ days before the weekend!

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Cami said...

Good luck with your organizing and scrapping Betsey! i was so excited when I logged on to see you and blogged...good to hear from you again :)