Thursday, February 04, 2016

Sometimes you just need a break, winter, the work week , life and biscoff cookies are perfect for that, the delicious caramel taste from the  caramelization of the sugars in the baking process make them perfect on their own, dipped into something delicious or for an impromptu winter s'more.

This is so easy and can be done right in your (attended) toaster oven. Simple take two biscoff cookies and turn them upside down so the smooth side is facing up.

Then take four rectangles of a Hershey chocolate bar (I used the original plain without almonds, but you can use any kind you like) and two large marshmallows that I cut in half. Place the chocolate on one side and the marshmallows on the other.  Then you just pop them into your toaster oven or regular oven on broil and watch them broil for 2-3 minutes. As soon as the marshmallows get a little golden you are good. The chocolate won't look melted but as soon as you flip over the other cookie the chocolate will be a delicious gooey pool of chocolate! These take so little time, do not call for any special tools, just be sure to watch them as they can turn into a charred mess within seconds (or so I've heard)

These Biscoff  cookies were provided complimentary
 to me by influenster as part of their VoxBox program for testing purposes . All opinions and trials are my own and I will be sure to pick up more!

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Rene Lynn said...

Biscoff cookies are my downfall. Take some of the cookie butter, add it to those cookies and I'm done. The whole box of cookies and the entire jar will be gone in one sitting!