Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For Sean

Last week, I was trying to quickly communicate with one of my carpool buddies about my other carpool buddy through an IM...I was trying to say she got out of her meeting really quickly with her CFO..and I told him...she's out..Myles (the CFO) is a quick meetingerer ..and quickly followed with..that's my made up word of the day...and then i laughed and said oh, I'll add that to my blog, because some of my faves put Favorite Kid quote of the day..favorite tip of the day etc. We had quite the laugh because one of his coworkers has quite the made up stories every day..I mean she is a true Penelope (SNL character played by Kristin Wiig)..nothing could happen this much to one person..not possible..and my Made up word..could go up against her stories (of course she thinks they've all happened to her)

So today..I told him I 'beat' another coworker (an annoying one at that), he said "Physically"..i Walk Fitaly..our walk fit program. I won this week..for actual steps..not for just a random you reported your totals. So Sean says...add it to the here we go...our first official MOWOTD - Walk Fitaly.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Keeping it Cr8zy!!

Shopped a little bit at Crazy8 this week..Gymboree's newest concept,a value concept. Got some hair baubles for Jessi to go with her birthday gift and jammies for Tripp...great prices (and I dont even get an employee discount!)

Edited - they're only in California, Texas and New Jersey right now (or within the next few months), however the web site and shipping is launching today.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where's Summer?

It's a cloudy, dreary day, as its been the last week...but its sunny in my world....bcause, the hillbilly's are moving. Its a bad picture..had to take it from my camera phone..and super so they didnt see me..and two so i didnt get hit by flying objects as they threw the items they were packing over the balcony...yes they packed up in true hillbilly, not bothering to tell us they were moving and if we needed to leave maybe to move our cars out...and then it's hard to see but they're literally just throwing things in the back of the packing properly to optimize space at all..bottom long as it gets them OUT OF HERE!!