Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Sriracha, Sriracha,'s everywhere!

Sriracha burgers at Fast Food, Sriracha  in Vodka. This peppery condiment is awesome (unless you live in the neighborhood where it's manufactured), it's no wonder it is everywhere. I confess if there's a bottle handy, i pretty much put it on anything and I'm not skimpy about using it.  When I heard about the Sriracha Almonds from blue Diamond Almonds, i was so excited about them, i was on the hunt for them everywhere. For a while, it was like looking for the pot of gold on the end of the rainbow, empty spaces on shelves, or just not finding it anywhere.

When I received my #sunshinevoxbox from Influenster, i was super excited to  try them. The 1.5oz pack is just perfect for a 2 oclock treat at work. I finally broke in them one day after carrying them around in my purse..on a trip up and back to Yosemite...and i have to say...they werent as good as I hyped them up in my head.  There definitely was a taste of sriracha, as well as some lingering heat in my mouth...but there wasn't the overall 'flavor pop' like some of the other Blue Diamond Almond flavors (my absolute faves are wasabi ginger). It seemed like it was just a light flavor taste..and then it was gone, I even shared with some coworkers, and they had the same reaction.

Overall, if someone put them down in front of me..of course I'd eat them, however these wont be a flavor i'll be searchign otu regularly..or salivating for when i've got the 4pm cravings!

I was provided these almonds from Influenster at now charge for testing purposes and my review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the receipt of this package.

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