Thursday, November 29, 2007

And so it begins...

The holiday food season that is. I guess it officially began on Thanksgiving..but today I felt it in full force. My controller took my boss and I out to lunch for our birthday (we have the same one). Our department rather than have cakes, has your boss take you out for your birthday, since my boss and I share the same birthday, the controller takes us both out at the same time. We went to the Salt House. I've been dying to go there when we've had vendor lunches but it's pretty hard to get in on the same week, unless you go super late. Our asst. controller had raved about having fries and gravy there... never did i realize she meant it was an actual menu item. They call it was fries, a cheese sauce and short rib gravy...can i say YUM!!! but too rich for my pour tummy. Then...tonight I had my introductory session at Dream Dinners. I go to Super Suppers all the time and buy from their grab n go freezer..but I actually made my dinners tonight, it was so quick and easy..and the dinners I selected look super yummy. Karen one of the owners, was great. I will definitely be back, I already have some items scoped out on the January menu.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Double Babies are here!!

My friend Amber & her husband Peter welcomed a set of twins on Monday. A girl and boy, just like their older sister Princess I predicted. Congratulations all...they are adobable. they were born at just over 36 weeks and both were over 6 pounds..and of course Amber looked phenomenal up unti lthe end..other than 'the walk' looking at her from behind, you wouldnt have even known she was pregnant.

Double Babies, comes from Triple Babies...4 years ago my sisters, sister in law was expecting triplets..and my sisters youngest niece and nephew couldnt quite process triplets, so they were called the triple babies..

So Congrats , Amber & Peter, Princess I..and welcome C & G! Can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blog Candy

Gotta love when blogs you stalk give away blog candy. Even if they're not ones you regularly's fun to see one..add it to your list..and see all the designs people come up with. Some day...i'll be in the blog candy give away mode...some day.

Today I checked out Ericka Hall's Blog..she's got some good blog candy! She's a fellow a muse who does a splendiferous job with coming up with new card designs using A Muse stamps.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Creativity & Minestrone

This post is about 5 days late..but still in my why not post. I've been in such a paper (not that i've had time for digi either) crafting funk lately..the ideas are there..but when i go to sit down to do it..i have scrappers block. I have so much to scrap, even kits i've made up to scrap, plus a new book to start for my new niece...but nothing..not to mention birthday raks i need to start sending for my A*Muse Group....but nope..zilch out of me...until last Saturday night that is. I went down to the Scrap Lovers @ A Work of Heart Retreat in San Jose..and was immediately inspired..not only getting to help with cool Creative Cafe projects..and rubbing elbows with Danelle Thompson, Melodee Langworthy,Kristi Sikora-Blankenship and the Maya Road girls..but just being amongst creative woman. I also got to see the Tattered Angels Glimmer mists in action. My package of them is supposed to arrive today...and i will be for sure playing with them Friday night..if not tomorrow night. They're going to be perfect for our TLC chipboard. I bought some colors sight unseen..but am going to have to order some more, especially the limited edition..and think I'm going to carry it in the store as well.

And on the other unrelated grandmothers to be exact..there is none like it in the world, I rarely if ever order it anywhere because i dont want to be disappointed that it doesnt taste like hers (although i did get some with a dinner from the diner down the street when Pierre was sick..had a taste..and it was a passable 2nd!). My uncle has taken up the tradition of Sunday Family Dinner. My grandmother used to do this all the time when we were in our teens and early 20s..and my uncle has now started it up again. Mostly cooking the dinners himself...and he takes after my grandmother and my dad..and is an amazing cook.
It's just a nice night..comforting..not only with the amazing food, but spending time with family and close friends like family..eating..watching football or bullriding..maybe a game of liars dice. Something to look forward to through the long winter for sure!