Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Do you have an Amazon echo, dot, tap, etc?  I do..both the echo and the dot. I joke that Alexa is my roommate, she tells me the time (especially in the middle of the night when I've woken for the 10th time and don't want to look at a screen), turns the lights on/off for me, tells me the news..plays my Amazon/Pandora/SiriusXM Music..tells me jokes and what deals she has.

If you have prime..and have an Alexa enabled are seriously missing out...and are crazy. The good thing is...I'm telling you, you can save money. Prime Day is only 6 days away (July 11th) and the prime day deals are amazing..and Alexa will probably have her own deals.  Save $20 by signing up for Prime with your Alexa device between now and Tuesday. Just say "Alexa, sign me up for Amazon Prime".  You must sign up via voice on Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Echo Show, to earn the savings.

Don't have an Alexa and want your own prime membership...well here's the link for you.
The following services are also launching today:
  • Amazon Home Services - From July 5 to 9, 2017, Prime Members can save 20% on select home installation, replacement, or assembly services. Click on the 'Learn More" link to learn about this deal as well as see top-selling products on Amazon that are also tied to a home service. You could earn advertising fees and bounties on both the product and the related service.
  • Amazon Baby Registry - Starting July 5, 2017, Prime Baby Registrants who add a participating CYBEX Aton-2 infant car seat to their registry between July 5 and July 19, 2017 and purchase it by March 31, 2018 receive $120 credit back to their Amazon account (equivalent to 40% off). Use this promotion to encourage expecting moms to create an Amazon Baby Registry now and earn a bounty for each registry created.
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Monday, July 03, 2017

$10 Amazon Credit Just by watching Amazon Prime Video

Have you used Amazon Prime Video yet? What? Why not? It's Amazon's video streaming service, and they have their own favorite, Just Add Magic! The dad is a hottie...kidding..he's like a brother..seriously..he's my friend's brother..but he is a cutie..and so is his wife & baby (personalities too!) for that matter.  Digressing sorry... 

If you have Amazon Prime..and have not yet watched Amazon Prime Video between now and July for the first time and you can get a $10 credit. I can stream on my iPhone/ well as my blu-ray DVD parents have a smart TV so can stream from there. Try it..just to get yourself the credit...we can always use a credit..especially with Prime Day coming up next week!!

And from July 7-July can save up to 83%  on select video rentals and purchases on popular titles such as Office Christmas Party, The Lord of the Rings, and The Great Gatsby

Check back throughout the week about other days where you can earn a bounty on Prime Reading, and EveryDay Essentials!

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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Good Health and Wellness in 2017

A new year, tends to bring new resolutions, new diets, new gym memberships etc. I tend to not make resolutions, because let's face it...they get broken, and as I'm the type who puts enough guilt on myself, in general, I dont need to add broken resolutions to it.  I do however like to continue to make good life choices. Do i fall off the wagon with those life choices, sure, but I always pick them back up after a time...Hello Diet soda in 2016!..or rather good bye. do i occasionally allow myself a diet something on a super hot day when out at a restaurant, sure..but in the meantime, I like a nice carbonated water with a drop of essential oil, or fruit/herb infused still water. So much more refreshing really!

Other choices I'm making are for a more serene home. This of course is staying on top of the vacuuming and dusting. But also for making my home some place i enjoy hanging out in, having friends in etc.  How do I do this? Maybe picking up that bunch of flowers from Trader Joe's or our year round Farmers Market, maybe a cute seasonal update to my burlap wreath on the door, perhaps following in Just A Girl's footsteps and sparking my home with a cute seasonal 'scape', or maybe just coming home from a long day and diffusing some goodness (or coming home to a nice smelling home from diffusing as I left, instead of the smell of the previous nights cooked dinner). I have two diffusers in my 800 sq foot apartment, and could probably get away with one more.  In my bed room, i have one that I find is directional so that I'm targeting my personal needs, whether when i have a cold, or need a full nights sleep, or just some grounding after a long day or week!
The one I like in my bedroom is the Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon.

In my living room, I use a diffuser from doTerra, the company that I purchase my essential oils from. It is called the Petal Diffuser, and is their most economical of their diffusers. It also has a night light, I diffuse this one for about 4 hours. I feel like to get rid of the smells from the night before, or after a big vaccumming, or coming back from a walk after work, this diffuser gets the job done, and my little abode smells quite lovely.

What are you doing for the new year, for you?

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