Wednesday, January 01, 2020

New Year...New Post

Well,'s been some time since I've posted..a lot has happened in life...not all for the great..and I'm not one to share a woe is me...but it's a new year..and things are going to be great! I'm all about manifesting your destiny...and putting it out into the universe so the global webosphere... I'm putting it out there...2020 is going to be great.

We'll start with my One Little Word...My word for the year is


  • Focus on Travel
  • Focus on Self Care
  • Focus on Organization
  • Focus on CREATIVITY

so many things to focus on.

One of my top self-care goals for the year is reading. I love to read, I spent a lot of 2018 and 2019 sitting in hospitals, and got a lot of reading done..or I thought. My count via Goodreads only came back at like 14. I know I read more and I just didn't track them online. This year I'm tracking them via a cute bookcase doodle in my planner. But also plan on reviewing a lot more.  I've loved looking through socials and seeing what everyone is reading, and while they may be the hot contemporary read...they might not be a good fit for me (hello, Wrinkle in Time). Reading for me is an escape from life, from the pressure of work, etc, so something that doesn't require a lot of thinking or analyzing is usually the norm for me. Having said that I also joined a book club this year... I've always shirked the idea because of the thinking/analyzing factor but enjoyed the first month. And looking forward to leading the April grouping too!

The other focus is travel. I plan on seeing more of the good ole USA this year, but I also have my first trip to Europe planned. Namely Italy, my aunt's daughter is doing a semester abroad in Rome, so we have plans to go to Milan, Rome and Capri. I.CANNOT.WAIT. 

I'll get into more of my focus throughout the year, as well as updates on where i am. I realize it's been nearly 3 years since I've posted...but I'm back, baby!