Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I need a Marine Air Horn!

Seriously...i've been deluged with spam telemarketer calls..what's with the Do Not Call list..is that just a waste of a server/website somewhere? How do these people continue to call when you've asked them to remove you ..and you're on the list. The latest one has been a series of hangups from a 239 area code, of course you call it back and it has a random' the # you've reached is out of service', except it rings a couple of times first! I found this great site while googling the #..and one of the posters had a great idea about blasting an air horn in the callers ear...I'm all for it. I mean I know there are actually honest people out there trying to get by as telemarketers, and those people I ask nicely to be removed from the list..and maybe even give them my own DS spiel..but these people are pure scam artists and deserve to lose a bit of their hearing!!