Sunday, January 01, 2017

Good Health and Wellness in 2017

A new year, tends to bring new resolutions, new diets, new gym memberships etc. I tend to not make resolutions, because let's face it...they get broken, and as I'm the type who puts enough guilt on myself, in general, I dont need to add broken resolutions to it.  I do however like to continue to make good life choices. Do i fall off the wagon with those life choices, sure, but I always pick them back up after a time...Hello Diet soda in 2016!..or rather good bye. do i occasionally allow myself a diet something on a super hot day when out at a restaurant, sure..but in the meantime, I like a nice carbonated water with a drop of essential oil, or fruit/herb infused still water. So much more refreshing really!

Other choices I'm making are for a more serene home. This of course is staying on top of the vacuuming and dusting. But also for making my home some place i enjoy hanging out in, having friends in etc.  How do I do this? Maybe picking up that bunch of flowers from Trader Joe's or our year round Farmers Market, maybe a cute seasonal update to my burlap wreath on the door, perhaps following in Just A Girl's footsteps and sparking my home with a cute seasonal 'scape', or maybe just coming home from a long day and diffusing some goodness (or coming home to a nice smelling home from diffusing as I left, instead of the smell of the previous nights cooked dinner). I have two diffusers in my 800 sq foot apartment, and could probably get away with one more.  In my bed room, i have one that I find is directional so that I'm targeting my personal needs, whether when i have a cold, or need a full nights sleep, or just some grounding after a long day or week!
The one I like in my bedroom is the Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon.

In my living room, I use a diffuser from doTerra, the company that I purchase my essential oils from. It is called the Petal Diffuser, and is their most economical of their diffusers. It also has a night light, I diffuse this one for about 4 hours. I feel like to get rid of the smells from the night before, or after a big vaccumming, or coming back from a walk after work, this diffuser gets the job done, and my little abode smells quite lovely.

What are you doing for the new year, for you?

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