Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Day 3 Adventures with Nicodemus

I met up with some girlfriends today. We first went to a healing Rosary for our friend Dino( and other sick members of our parish) and Nicodemus wanted to come with..I thought he was turning a corner, and truly going to be a representative of Santa and do some good and pray along with the rest of us at the rosary. Nope he stayed in my purse. Afterwarrds the girls and I went out to dinner. We went to a new restaurant on Burlingame Avenue called Sixtos Cantina. It's Mexican and owned by the two women who own Alana's Cafe. I'll be posting more about Sixtos next month, the food is super yummy...but they're still in "soft opening stage". I want to truly tell you about them as their light shines. Back to Nicodemus..wouldnt you know it..i turn my back to say hello to someone I knew also dining at the restaurant, and Tish caught Nicodemus sipping out of my Mi Amore cocktail. He's so naughty!

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