Monday, June 03, 2013

Gwynnie Bee

Have you heard of Gwynnie Bee? Their tag line is Clothing without Commitment, it's basically (and i really hate to compare them this way, but it is what it is) the Netflix of clothing. They could be compared to Rent the Runway or Bag Borrow or Steal as well..except  those are one off rentals, Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription. The biggest difference between Rent The Runway and Gwynnie Bee, it's for Curvy  Girls..they start around size 10 (depending on the brand) and go up to a 4X (again by brand). Their subscriptions allow for 1-10 items out at a time and the subscription rate is according to the # of items you choose. I chose 2 items and it's $64.02 (incl tax) a month. The one item a month is $35 (plus tax) , and then up to 10 items a month is $159 (pl tax).

I love's like getting new clothes every month...but different new clothes.

You start by perusing all the styles they have and then adding a minimum of 6-10 items to your Gwynnie Bee "closet". As those items you choose become available, they ship them to you quickly (about 2-4 days via USPS Priority Mail). Included in your box of clothes is a return garment bag with a prepaid postage label. You should also go online and note that your items are shipping bag (so they can get another item ready for you).

Every item I've worn I've received compliments on (and I've only told a few people that they're Gwynnie Bee). There were a couple items i sent back that i didn't wear at all..and some i wore only once to get 'my money's worth' but they weren't a fit i was comfortable with.

Gwynnie Bee updates with new clothes every 2 weeks, so I'm constantly adding clothes to my 'closet'.  They've also recently started a newsletter with pictures of other Gwynnie Bee subscribers in the clothes. This has helped tremendously. I've added some things to my closet..but even more beneficially I've deleted a number of things from my closet. While the models they have online are plus size women..they're not my exact body type.  I love that so many clothing brands are making items for a plus size woman..but i think that there are things that still need to look appropriate and even more importantly, flatter your body. Seeing some of the other subscriber pictures, recognizing their body type as mine, I made a choice for myself, not to wear those styles, and deleted any i had added to my closet, which to me helps me to get a better return on my monthly subscriber fee.

If you really like a style, you can inquire from them what the purchase price would be.

Want a 30 day free trial? Just click the Gwynnie Bee link..and start 'shopping". Let me know what you think!

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