Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the HolidayVoxBox - Part 1

I think i am finally recovered from the New Years Stomach flu..man that was nasty..i would rather have had the flu flu (which i'm totally going to get a booster shot this week, because they say the one i got in October only covers 65%..and my coworkers are dropping like flies. But I digress.

I've delved a bit into the Holiday Vox Box and the one item i've used the most, that definitely requires a review is the Goody Quickstyle Paddle Brush.

I was super excited to use this brush. My hair is fine, but there's a lot per square inch, and it's getting curlier/wavier as I get older, so it takes FOR.EV.ER. to dry. I normally take my other paddle brush (also by Goody) and brush it out, and the tangles..into my towel to get most of the moisture out.

The quikstyle brush has these microfiber 'fingers' between the bristles, theoretically to draw out the moisture, cutting down on the drying time. With added vents on the side..i thought for sure it would pull the water out like i do with the other brush and towel....not so much.  So disappointed. I think the vents are to cut down on the mold/mildew factor by trying to dry the microfiber a bit more. I do not notice a difference at all between using the two brushes, so I definitely would not pay the $7 difference to buy this brush.  Will i keep it? Sure why not..i can always use an extra paddle brush at my mom's or in my gym bag. But if you're using a paddle brush to brush out the tangles or after showering, i would jsut go with the original Finish 3.

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