Sunday, September 28, 2008

Got Grass?

As I rounded Laguna Honda one evening, I was amazed to see several hundred goats eating the dry grass on the hill. I had seen a story about this on the news for use in the South bay and East Bay..but have never seen it used in person..and certainly not in San Francisco. They were there for a couple of days..but i never had my camera when i passed by, and didnt really want to carry it on the bus.

By the time the weekend came they were gone. But one day as I took the bus back up the hill, I noticed they were on the backside of the hill. By Wednesday they were up to the road as people stood and gawked. On Thursday, I took the bus up the hill, and it seemed they were all on the road side of the hill, I got home, grabbed my camera real quick hopped in the car down the hill parked, and walked to the fenced area. Most couldnt be bothered with me..of course there's always one. this one falled me up and down the entire length of the goats...with this piece of grass sticking out of his mouth..not sure if he wanted me to feed him more (most likely) or didn't even know it was there. I leaned over the fence at one point to take a picture of a couple of kid goats.and he felt the need to nudge me to pay attention to him...I snapped one last shot..and told him goodbye.

Have you seen the goats used for eating the wild grass in your area?
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