Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I feel like Miss Mary Ann...

Do you remember her? from Romper Room? am I dating myself? At the beginning of every show, she's look in her handheld mirror and "see' the kids that were on the show..or 'watching' the show, you were quite lucky if she mentioned your name (even if it was to all the betsey's in the world).

How does this apply to me you say? I was on linked in this weekend. Linked in is like a 'professional's' myspace. You list your past job history and recruiters look at it..old colleages..it's like an online resume..and people can even 'recommend' your work, so it's like your personal referrals are right there...anyway..i digress. I was on it this weekend because someone had requested to add me to their network..while i was there I found my old VP as well as an additional bunch of old colleauges. Luckily i requested to add them and they all agreed to be my 'friends'.
When i went on today..it said there were 50 new gymboree connections. I pretty much 'knew' all of them...at least by name. I truly felt like Miss MaryAnn...between the finding them, and that fuzzy feeling of old home week. Most all were from my first 'stint' at Gymboree (mind you i was only gone for 7 months), and all brought back that warm fuzzy feeling from our time at Camelot. I even saw 'sweater vest' listed there, should you happen to read this old Prod people!!

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Jan said...

Oh, I remember her. I was damaged mentally because she NEVER saw me in the magic mirror! LOL!! I always waited for her to see me... and she never did! : )