Friday, January 05, 2007

My word for 2007


Ali Edwards in her blog and 'zine' (AEZine) talks about picking a word for the year..last year's was play..this year peace. I have decided my word for the year is going to be Focus. There canb e so many different meanings to this..and applications to everyday life. When reading her AEZine..i shut my eyes..and just tried to think of a word any word..and focus came to mind (maybe i was telling myself to focus, who knows).

I dont regularly set resolutions..because as we all know..some or most get broken why not set an attainable creation for myself!

Some things that are on the top of my focus list:

  • Focus on scrapping my own pages this year...not a page here and there..but at least one of the books of me..and a page a month minimum!
  • Focus on my clients pages. I need to plan
  • Focus on booking one TLC party/event (minimum) a month..this doesnt count my regular crops or classes, as I incorporate my other products into those.
  • Focus on becoming a QB understanding the ins/outs of the software and all it has to offer, i can be more organized in my business to keep it growing. I'd love to apply forecasting and cash flow that i do at work in my own business, besides just balancing the check book.
  • Focus on updating my websites - with all the time i spend on the computer at work..i just hate to go home and hop back on (even though it's on 24/7)..but I plan on focusing on a day/night a week to work on my projects.

So...that is the just the top of my focus...more to come..i hope.

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