Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We interrupt this blog..for a commercial message:

Direct sales consultants looking for a new scrapbook organization will finda tantalizing proposition this month in TLC's "Home for the Holidays"promotion. Anyone wishing to join TLC may transfer and enjoy full benefits,including eligibility for Fast Track Plus, at Advisor* Rank.As always, TLC is all about choices and a wealth of opportunity.Transferring Consultants can readily take advantage of all TLC has to offer:* Exceptional Compensation* Bonuses and Allowances* Substantial Discounts and Sales* Reasonable Minimums* Dynamic Product Design* Combined Papercraft and Digital Alternatives*Faxed or emailed documentation to verify active participation. Purchase of a TLC Business Builder Kit required. Consultant gets 3-month period to advance to Director Rank for Fast Track Bonuses.

Addtionally our business builder kits (both papercraft & digital) have been enhanced with extra goodies to Welcome you to TLC! Please note the beefier options are available to ANYBODY..however if you are transferring from other craft related company, and wish to promote at the leve you are transferring from..you must get the Business Builder Kit.

I'm happy to email you copies of all the regular Great Reasons to Join TLC as well as what's included in the starter kits, just send me a message..and i'll email away! Remember...TLC does not have a NON Compete clause at any level in the organization.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and about my sign on bonuses.
Betsey Terry
Top Line Creations Advisor#402758 -

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