Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why me

Why me?

My controller put me in charge..or as a co-chair of our department Halloween Festivities. Mind you this isn’t buy some orange and black crepe and Halloween goodies…This is an all out department decorating contest that the company has. We decided to do Las Vegas. Some of our previous forays have been, The Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, Haunted House, Tropical/Under the Sea & Animal House. We’ve won for The Wizard of Oz and Under the Sea and came up 3rd when we did Animal House. Each department within the Finance area is a different hotel or attraction. My co-chair and I went through and picked some of the hotels we figured would have the best ideas..and easiest to decorate. We told everyone they had until last Friday to choose their hotel on a first come first served basis and if they hadn’t chosen we would assign for them. We ended up assigning two. of the departments decided they wanted to be something else..and of course they chose something NOT on the list. Fine..but our decorating is in full swing they’re on their own figuring out their decorations. Today they come to me and ask me what their budget is…yeah…how about ZERO!?!!! They wanted to out and buy gold coins and stuff…come on people…creativity. I told them to make cardboard circles and paint them gold! Ha! I should sell them some of the TLC chipboard circles. I’m hating this overwhelming feeling of decorating dictator..but geesh..i hate last minute decorating and ideas…I just don’t have the creative juice right now..and let me tell you…I AM CREATIVE! I’ve got no work, work done this week..I’ve either been scouring the internet for ideas, or pirating logos to trace and paint signs etc., or working on the stuff or processing shipments of items we ordered….not good when it’s quarter end. But I think we might just pull this off…the Caesars group is going all out! Can’t wait to show pictures.


Shell said...

ooh Betsey - that sounds so cool. I can't wait to see some pics.

When you are done - you can come and decorate my house *LOL*

Shell said...

still waiting for those pics!