Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Fun blog prompt from a friend..and you know I love those getting to know you emails. first car was a 1977 VW Bug. i HATED it. I dont know why..and feel so ungrateful everytime i think of the hatred i have for that car. It was beige..and just seemed dull. I think part of my dislike stems from the fact that it was NOT the car I would have picked out for myself, had even talked with my mom about fun cars..and a bug never came up. But my parents got a good deal from a friend of the family and it was 'reliable' so they got it for me. Reliable my a**..really it was was..but my gosh, the brakes were $400 everytime they needed to be never passed a smog, that was another 400-800 to get whatever fixed, and then of course the very end, when the starter just was so fun (NOT) and embarrassing to have to park on a hill, and compression start every time i needed to go somewhere..and people wondered why i would work until it was dark, so people in my building at work would not see me doing this! Of course the good thing about the car is it did instill a love for the VW..and I moved on to a Jetta, and now my passat (it's 5 already)....i wonder what could be next...the Phaeton...maybe the Toureag? we shall see, but it will be a few years..want some time without a car payment for sure!